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I'm soo happy!
Thank You all! :)…
On this facebook page You can vote for my photo (from The ballet house photoshoot) taking part in the Viva Moda  Magazine competition.
I need Your help, It's very importrant for me because the photos from the finale will be pubished in the magazine :)
Please, give ma a chance :)

What's also important to say, a few days ago, in the New Year's eve I've managed to gain 1000 fans on my facebook page. Thank You soo much for this amazing spport! It gave a huge motivation kick for the 2012! I am planing new photoshoot in January, I hope to create something totally new for me :)

At the end, I would like to wish You all the best in 2012! Let's keep creating! :)
"rosesforher has 24,170 pageviews total and their 239 deviations were viewed 173,073 times. Rosesforher watches 101 people, while 900 people watch rosesforher."
Thank you all! :*

facebook page- new adress:…
Hi there!
A few months ago I've set up a portolio on Italian Vogue website (
It's quite difficult for photos to be accepted by the moderators (Vogue editorial staff), but some of my artworks have managed to get there ;)
You can check it up and vote for some of them here:…
Enjoy! :)

My facebook page:…

Today I've recieved my 3rd Daily Deviation, but it's the first time when I recieved in in the "fashion" category :)
I'm sooooo happy! It gives me such a strong kick of motivation!
Thanks to all my watchers and supporters! :)
Finally, I'm back with my newest series "The Otherworld"- a bit weird, edgy shots.
The holidays started after passing my exams at the univeristy, so I'll have a lot of time to make some new photoshoots :)

You can like me on facebook:…

"rosesforher has 19,475 pageviews total and their 214 deviations were viewed 0 times. Rosesforher watches 99 people, while 666 people watch rosesforher.
Overall, their deviations received 0 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 0 times, while rosesforher commented 864 times, making about 1.03 comments per day since joining deviantART. This means that rosesforher gave 864 comments and received none."

What happened? There is an error, all my deviation views and faves have dissapeared! Can anyone help me? :(
Some people persuaded me to set up my official fanpage on facebook, so... here it is :)…

To, me, it's unbelivable that I've recieved another DD, after my 1st DD in November, but here it is :D
such a pleasant information for the beginning of the day!

peacock feathers rocks!
A few more photos from this photoshoot soon :)
I've got my first Daily Deviation!!!

When I discovered that fact, I was so moved, that I couldn't stop laughing and crying :D
It's hard to say how many posivite emotions and motivation it gave me!

Thanks for all my watchers and supporters!!! :*
Thank You all for the b-day wishes!
Love you, people!
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  • Eating: b-day cake!
I've set up my blog
there are some photos that weren't published enywhere :)
  • Eating: strawberries
I've never had so much time for taking photos as I have now. I hope to develop my skills through hundreds of photos that will be taken this summer :) I can realise so many ideas!
  • Eating: strawberries
Only two exams left... New photos after 20th may! :D
You can find me here…
I just wanted to say that I'm proud of my 5 000 pageviews :)
I know that there are people who have milions of views, but it doesn't matter. I'm just very glad :)
There is a competition in which I take part. I need your support :)
I would be really grateful if you could vote for me here:,154506,monika…
You can vote once everyday by "zaglosuj na zdjecie" :)
i've set it up just after my birthday.
Uh... I recieved my new camera :)
Canon eos 450D+ 50mm f1.4
I fell in love with it :)
I just can't wait.
I can't stop thinking about that.
New photos in Nov. :)